More than just printed photos

From the moment people walk up to the booth and tap the screen, the first screen they see and touch can have your logo or graphic or even a looping video that greets your guests before they start the booth. We can also add custom graphics/videos in the middle of the session or as the last screen such as after photo is taken and they’re waiting for their prints. All you have to do is send us your idea and we’ll resize to make it fit.

A recent example we did with Sony Pictures, before guests got to watch a private screening of the movie “Venom” featuring Tom Hardy, they got to use a GIF generator we made with the face of Venom and we went a step above by incorporating movie graphics into the photo booth welcome & loading screens while people wait for their photos to be processed so people can be entertained & watch a short  5-10 second clip from Venom as they wait for their photos to be processed.

Yes, the photo booth can talk to you. We can even make it sound like any accent/ voice or talk any language you wish to use. Want it to sound like Bain from Batman – Dark Knight Rises? No problem! Got a big political event and need it to speak French as well? We got you! The booth doesn’t have to talk either if it will be in a loud environment, we can make the screens appear in any language as well if needed.

From making custom prop cut-outs of Cheeseburgers for McDonalds Canada National Cheeseburger Day to making cutouts for fans to hold at the Toronto Maple Leafs game to props for the Government of Ontario safety campaign #PrepareYourSelfie…Photo Booth Props can make a big difference and yes, we can even put cutouts of peoples heads on sticks as well! The only limit is your imagination.

Kim Kardashian might’ve made Black & White photo booths famous and yes we can make you look just as good with the photo booth by making all photos black & white a beauty filter added on-top for the whole party, but we also have a few other tricks up our sleeves.  We can also do Instagram style filters that really make the colours pop.

For Drake’s Birthday Party at Casa Yolo, we had the INSTAPOD setup to take single 4×6 shots and applied a subtle blue tint filter to make the colours really stand out along with a tagline “Good Luck Remembering This” digitally stamped on all the photos in the bottom left corner, you can see more here: 

After your event, we give you a digital gallery online for you & your guests to download/share…plus our gallery has an option to print digital photos in any size you need and print not only on photo paper but we offer keepsakes after the event as well such as print on a coffee mug, fridge magnet, art canvas, etc. Simply click the buy button in your digital event gallery after the event, choose the photos you want, choose a print option you like and enter the shipping address of the lucky person for the photo booth photos to be sent to.

Boomerang Videos! You can’t go anywhere on social media without seeing a boomerang video and our photo booths can actually make way better boomerangs than your phone can. Our boomerangs capture high-frame rate photos for an ultra smooth boomerang and you can also have your branding / logo around the boomerang video so when people share it, they know who made it for them 😉 Boomerangs are saved as both .GIF and .MP4 video files for easy access to sharing on Instagram.

Vinyl Wrapping the photo booth can make the booth appear any colour or design you want. Naturally, the INSTAPOD booth comes in a gloss all-white and the original OPEN-STYLE booth comes in a flat black but if you want to add vinyl wrapping, you can make it any color that matches your event branding/theme. Put your logos all over or even change it to all pink, green-camo, etc.

Music & Sound Marketing: You can now insert your own Company Jingle, Music Clip or Sound Effects into a Photo, GIF or Boomerang Video. This might be the best thing since Hit Clips from the 90’s!

Perfect for a new album release party or marketing campaign where you want to promote the sound/music of your brand as well. This adds another dimension to all photos/videos the photo booth creates and instantly gives it to your guests so not only do they keep the visuals, but now they can take and share the sound as well 🙂

We can create custom backdrops in either Matte-Vinyl or a premium fabric. Matte-Vinyl Backdrops are affordable, Can be printed in 2 days and can be designed with anything you have in mind for the perfect background with a photo booth or even just your own photographer. Add your company logos repeating across, add the Wedding Monogram initials of the Bride & Groom repeating across, or even just have 1 big background photo such as a winter wonderland escape taking up the whole 8ft x 8ft space to immerse your guests into the backdrop while taking photos. We make our backdrops with matte-vinyl material to deflect glare and look great in photos. We normally print in a 8ft x 8ft size but we can make the photobooth backdrop any size to match your space needs.

Right after you take your photos, choose what to do with your digital copy straight from the photo booth screen. Email a copy to yourself instantly or text message it to your phone. Add a pre-set custom message when people receive their photo that thanks them / promotes your event / gives people instructions what to do next with their photo. Some examples are promoting hashtags or web links to click and check out. We can also save all emails/numbers entered as a database for you after the event.