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Guest Book

An Audio Guest Book allows
you to capture Authentic
and Unfiltered Voicemail
Messages at your wedding,
party or milestone event.

Sounds Like This

Our Audio Guest Book lets you capture real voices of your wedding.

– The Mother that leaves the sentimental, heartfelt message.
– The cousin that re-tells that “had-to-be-there” moment.
– The drunken groomsman saying something he’ll probably regret.

Like wedding photos and a fine wine…
These authentic voicemails will get better and better with time.

Works Like This

Free Delivery & Setup

Your Audio Guest Book includes free delivery and setup. You are guaranteed to receive it prior to your Event Start Time. At the end, we can pick it up or you can drop it back off to our office in Toronto.

Yours for the Weekend.

Some of the best messages come before and after the event, so we don’t want you to miss out! If you are having a mid-week event, we cater for that too!

Super Easy to Share

We save Every single message which is recorded as it’s own individual voicemail. Both an audio file, and a VERY
Instagram-worthy video.

You will receive a gallery of everything within a day of receiving the phone back. Perfect for honeymoon listening!

Make it Yours

Make your Audio Guest Book truly authentic. We believe every hire should be as unique as the messages you will receive! Check out our range of Add-ons and Extras, all of which can be added on checkout.

Name Decal

Personalise your At the Beep with your names on the phone. We’ll match the font and colour to the style of the phone that you have booked.


Got a radio voice? Or something witty to say? Make a customised greeting that plays when your guests pick up the phone! Or play it safe with one of our standard options.


Did you know Audio Files can not be easily shared on Social? We provide you with personalised Video versions to make it easy to share your favs!

Dial In

For the family and friends that cant be there on the day (or the ones that weren’t invited), have them Dial In and leave their message from the comfort of wherever they may be!

Audio Guest Book is fast becoming the must-have product at weddings and parties all over the world. Just as photographers & photo booths are a staple , it won’t be long before every wedding has an Audio Guest Book.
Replace that old guest book with something more entertaining and valuable.

Contact Us

You can check availability and get pricing for the Audio Guest Book by using the contact form below:

We deliver and setup to any and all locations in Toronto.

tel:   647-302-6615


We deliver and setup to any and all locations in GTA.

tel:   647-302-6615


We can deliver and ship province wide to all towns towns and cities in Ontario!

tel:   647-302-6615


We deliver and ship to all Canadian towns and cities nationwide!

tel:   647-302-6615


What is an Audio Guest Book?

Is it an audio guest book or a voicemail guest book, ring ring, pick me up, leave a message…. whatever.. just don’t leave your phone off the hook. All we know is you need to hire PhotoboothTO for your wedding or next event and choose a matching event color for your retro phone!

We can do almost any color to match your decor

Audio Guest Book Glossary

A voicemail guestbook is the same as an Audio Guest Book. A way for guests to leave a message on a phone at your event.

An Audio Guestbook is a way for guests to leave a message for you on a phone at your wedding or event.

A Virtual Audio Guest Book is a way for guests that are not physically at your event to dial a special number to leave you a message.

After the Tone is an expression that is used to signal when to leave a voicemail message. “Please leave your message after the tone”. It may be more commonly used in North America.

In the olden days, if your phone was Off the Hook, you couldn’t receive a call. With our Audio Guest Books, if the phone gets left off the hook, we play an engaged tone, to let the next guest know to hang up the phone before leaving their message. Clever aint we!