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✅Delivery 1-Hr. Before
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✅Custom Event Design
✅Unlimited Action

Delivery 1-Hr. Before
Attendant Included
Custom Event Design
Unlimited Action
Travel: [item-249_price] for [item-201_value]
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Choose Your Booth

Our Instapod is sleek, slim and offers the most advanced photo booth features.


Instant Prints
Hollywood Glam
DSLR + Studio Lighting

360 Video Booth

Capture 360 Videos
Share Instantly
Up to 4 People

Digital Booth

Drop Off & Pick Up
Digital Photos
Budget Friendly

Halo Booth

Digital Photos Only
No Printing
No Attendant

Audio Guest Book

Capture voices and messages at your party in a new way!

Event Photographer

Capture candid shots of your event with our roaming photographer.

Private Booth

Make it more private and fun.
Inflatable Walk-In Enclosure

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Photos & Prints

2x6 Strips

Classic Photo Strips

4x6 Premium

Larger Premium Prints
$99 Upgrade

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What kind of Backdrop?

Simple White

Black Sequin

Custom Printed

+$399 (8 ft. x 8 ft.)

Gold Sequin Backdrop

Gold Sequin

Silver Sequin

How a Green Screen Backdrop Works

Immersive Green Screen


White Sequin

Fuscia Pink Sequin

Red Sequin

Save $50 Off

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Your Event Location

Free Delivery within Toronto / GTA

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360 Upgrades

No Backdrop (Standard)

No Backdrop is needed for the 360.
Capture All Around Your Venue.

Custom Backdrop : $399

Custom 1-Sided Backdrop
Simple Step & Repeat

2-Sided Backdrop : $798

Custom 2-Sided Backdrop
L-Shaped / V-Shaped

3-Sided Enclosure : $1,197

Custom 3-Sided Enclosure
Immersive U-Shape / Walk-In

360 Photo Booth LED Enclosure

Inflatable Enclosure : $599

Make it more private and fun.
Turns up the party
LED light up inside!

Full 360 Custom : $1,599

Fully Immersive 360 Experience
Customize Inside & Out
Designed for Marketing Agencies.

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Black & White Hollywood Glam Filter on All Photos.

Create Boomerang Videos & GIFs

We include fun props free with the booth or remove the props to keep it classy and timeless.

10% OFF All Multi-Booth / Multi-Dates

10% OFF More Than 1 Photographer / Event Date.

Total # of Booths per Event.

# of Photographers per Event.

Total # of Days/Events.

Package Subtotal for 1 Booth

Subtotal for 1 Photographer

10% Off for Multiple-Booking

Calculated by: Total # of Photographers x Total # of Events.
Plus 10% Off for Multi-Booking Discount!

Event date is in very high-demand with limited availability!

Only Valid for Next 7 Days!

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