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✅Delivery 1-Hr. Before
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✅Custom Event Design
✅Unlimited Action

Delivery 1-Hr. Before
Attendant Included
Custom Event Design
Unlimited Action

Travel: [item-249_price] for [item-201_value]
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Choose Your Booth

Our Instapod is sleek, slim and offers the most advanced photo booth features.


Instant Prints
Hollywood Glam
Premium Lighting

360 Video Booth

Capture 360 Videos
Share Instantly
Up to 4 People

Digital Booth

Drop Off & Pick Up
Digital Photos
Budget Friendly

Halo Booth

Digital Photos Only
No Printing
No Attendant

Audio Guest Book

Capture voices and messages at your party in a new way!

Event Photographer

Capture candid shots of your event with our roaming photographer.

Private Booth

Make it more private and fun.
Inflatable Private Walk-In Enclosure

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Photos & Prints

2x6 Strips

Classic Photo Strips

4x6 Premium

Larger Premium Prints
$149 Upgrade

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What kind of Backdrop?

Simple White

Black Sequin

Custom Printed

+$399 (8 ft. x 8 ft.)

Gold Sequin Backdrop

Gold Sequin

Silver Sequin

How a Green Screen Backdrop Works

Immersive Green Screen


White Sequin

Fuscia Pink Sequin

Red Sequin

Save $50 Off

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Your Event Location

Free Delivery within Toronto / GTA

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360 Upgrades

No Backdrop (Standard)

No Backdrop is needed for the 360.
Capture All Around Your Venue.

Custom Backdrop : $399

Custom 1-Sided Backdrop
Simple Step & Repeat

2-Sided Backdrop : $798

Custom 2-Sided Backdrop
L-Shaped / V-Shaped

3-Sided Enclosure : $1,197

Custom 3-Sided Enclosure
Immersive U-Shape / Walk-In

360 Photo Booth LED Enclosure

Inflatable Enclosure : $599

Make it more private and fun.
Turns up the party
LED light up inside!

Full 360 Custom : $1,599

Fully Immersive 360 Experience
Customize Inside & Out
Designed for Marketing Agencies.

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All 360 videos displayed in real-time to any screen / projector at your event.

LED tube lights placed all around the 360 Booth in any color to match your colors / theme.

Enhance the 360 Booth experience.

Bubble Machine

Confetti Cannon

Money Gun

Black & White Hollywood Glam Filter on All Photos.

Create Boomerang Videos & GIFs

We include fun props free with the booth or remove the props to keep it classy and timeless.

10% OFF All Multi-Booth / Multi-Dates

10% OFF More Than 1 Photographer / Event Date.

Total # of Booths per Event.

# of Photographers per Event.

Total # of Days/Events.

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Subtotal for 1 Photographer

10% Off for Multiple-Booking

Calculated by: Total # of Photographers x Total # of Events.
Plus 10% Off for Multi-Booking Discount!

Only Valid for Next 7 Days!

Event date is in very high-demand with limited availability!

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