Event Photography

INSTAROAM is the cutting edge of roaming event photography: event photography with instant-sharing technology. Guests receive their photos moments after the photo is taken via e-mail or text and can download and share these photos on social media – all while the event is happening. The perfect compliment to your surprise pop-up, private release party, club event or promotion. The possibilities are endless. And with INSTAROAM‘s branding features, your event photos will display any logos, hashtags or designs you wish. INSTAROAM is your roaming event photography solution to modern event branding.

Why Wait?

Other event roaming photographers keep you waiting days or weeks after the event to download your photo. With INSTAROAM, you can be sure your guest receives their photo instantly while the event is still happening, increasing the chance that they share it on social media with the excitement and energy of the party still around them, spreading your brand awareness.
The question is, why wait?

Special Features

  • Send stunning high-definition photos to your guests within seconds. Customize watermarks, overlays, logos and hashtags to suit your event and branding.
  • Share photos via e-mail or text message with your hashtag included straight from the INSTAROAM tablet connected to the photographer’s camera.
  • Track how many guests have engaged with INSTAROAM. Capture emails, numbers & names. All data available in real-time and downloaded from a secure link with full access to event analytics.