Want to add some “flash” to your wedding, corporate party or other celebratory event? Renting a photo booth is a great way to provide your guests with a fun, unique and memorable experience as they take a step away from the dance floor or dinner table. We have outlined a few reasons why a photo booth will make your event unforgettable.


Photo Booths Bring People Together

Taking some pictures in a photo booth is a great way for old friends to reconnect and for new relationships to be born. It makes for a great conversation starter and serves as a topic of discussion that everyone can relate to. There is no easier way to “break the ice” than to grab a few props, make funny faces and share some laughs. A photo booth provides an excellent opportunity for colleagues, friends or family members who may have been seated at separate tables to catch up and capture a lasting memory together. It also helps to keep guests engaged and busy as they take a break from dancing or other activities.


Photo Booths Keep Guests Focused on the Party

– Not Their Phones

In today’s society, it is commonplace to look around and see people with their heads tilted down, staring at the screen of their cellphones as their fingers quickly tap away. Unfortunately, this is just as common an occurrence at parties and events. The addition of a photo booth can help to minimize the time guests spend on their devices, therefore increasing their amount of face-to-face socialization. With a photo booth, guests no longer have to worry about taking pictures with their camera phones, and subsequently spending time to edit and upload them to their numerous social media profiles. Instead, using a photo booth they will get high-quality, beautiful images that can either be posted to the internet immediately using the booth’s social media integration or be accessed online shortly after the event.


Photo Booths can be Enjoyed by Everyone and Anyone

Perhaps the best part about having a photo booth at your event is that all of your guests will be able to enjoy it. Chances are, guests of a wide age range will attend your party. Children will have a great time digging through the prop trunk, trying on masks and experimenting with different photo filters. Meanwhile, seniors (who may find technology intimidating at times) will appreciate how simple it is to use a photo booth, and will enjoy receiving instant-prints rather than having to print off the images from home. Photo booths are inviting to everyone – whether it be an individual or a large group, making them an ideal addition to any type of event.

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