When you look back on your wedding day, what do you see?

You probably remember the little details that made it so special. Maybe memories of the flowers or how excited everyone was to be there. You may have even captured a photo booth picture with some of your guests!

It’s hard to capture every moment of such an incredible and emotional experience in just one photograph. That’s why we think adding a photo booth is the best way to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Black and white Photo Booths have become a major thing for weddings and it’s not just due to the Kardashians making it popular. Black and white photos have always been impactful and ingrained in our culture from the beginning. It ages very well and creates a striking contrast with a white background. Yes even with your wedding dress, a black and white photo booth with a white backdrop will make you stand out and look amazing.

At PhotoboothTO our photo booths have an option for both color or black and white photos and not only that, our photo booths instantly adds a beauty filter that makes everyone look younger with skin softening.

We know you’ll love the black and white photo booth for your wedding!
Contact us to learn more about print size options such as 4×6 postcard or 2×6 photo strips, photos can also be sent digitally and instantly through email to your phone or downloaded as a gallery after the wedding party!